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I am Andrew Fox, recently arrived in Lerwick to serve as Superintendent and Deputy Chair alongside my colleagues Nigel Barton, based in Scalloway and John Best on Fair Isle and our Chair of District David Easton who is based in Stirling, Scotland.

Although I have enjoyed the BBC crime drama 'Shetland' , the reality is that Shetland is not beset by mysterious murders but is a place full of life and hope. For almost 200 years Methodist Christians have been exploring what it means to follow Jesus alongside other Christians on these islands. Many of us are used to seeing Shetland placed in a box on a map , probably just off the coast from Aberdeen. We don't want to be trapped in a box in the wrong place, either on a map or on the ground here in Shetland. As we embark on a new phase of life and ministry together we are excited at the prospect of new opportunities and new partnerships for our mission in Christ's name here.

The summer of 2016 has seen more cruise ships visiting Shetland than ever before and we seek to offer a welcome to all visitors whether arriving by air or by sea. For those who visit for more than a day we hope you will be able to visit beyond Lerwick to experience the expansive scenery and friendly locals across these islands. Please pray for us as we seek the guidance of God's Spirit in our mission at the top place in the United Kingdom.

God bless you,


Andrew Fox

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